Hoping to share this very same joy.

Ding-dong! The doorbell rings.

When I opened the door, I discovered it was a witch that had come for a visit!

A skeleton, a black cat, a ghost, and a dinosaur!

Naughty monsters yell, in one voice:

''Trick or treat!"

You laugh and give them a bunch of sweets and candies.

The cute, terrifying little monsters laugh out loud and head to your neighbor's house, decorated with jack-o-lanterns and bats.

Today is Halloween, a holiday that a black cat, a symbol of misfortune, or even a scary ghost can enjoy.

Halloween isn't just fun, it's also a meaningful day to connect with neighbors and promote sharing.


XUYONI remember children who struggled through the day without knowing this joy.

Children who worry about their next meal, children who go to work for their families at the age when they should be playing, children who do not even have a basic education, and suffer every day...

We hope all children enjoy the human rights bestowed upon children…

On World Poverty Eradication Day and Halloween Day,

 XUYONI hope for the day when these children share the same joys as our children...

This is xuyoni’s long-term dream..

With lots of love,

 With blessings,

 We thank you.

 Yours truly,