‘Newtro’, ignores conventional color and design trends


In 2020, newtro has emerged as the most popular design trend. This trend, which refers to ‘New Retro’, catches our eyes with a bold and gorgeous look. This is another legacy from the vintage trend. If you make use of what you previously used, it's just retro, but newtro involves adding modern details. The essence of newtro is to not just revive what has been, but to know how to view and interpret it through current trends.


'Ugly Shoes' are representative of the newtro trend, which is often seen on the street. The old-fashioned, rough-looking sneakers that high fashion brands and sports brands rushed to to bring out from the end of 2017 overcame newer sleek, modern designs and decorated both ‘runways and realways’. 


Composed of elements such as rugged lines, intense color placement, and a logo print that is obviously too big, these sneakers are still popular today, with compliments that they look “ugly”. They have also been called 'Dad Shoes' because they resemble sneakers worn by dads, which were popular in the 80s and 90s, but the difference in small details such as the instep and heel line, color sensibility, and sole design clearly reveals that these are modern designs.

The bold attempts of the fashion world have also begun emerge in the cosmetics industry. The conventional package design of traditionally popular skincare cosmetics is a combination of neutral colors and round shapes. This is the result of trying to create a vibe of being gentle on the skin and pure through product packaging, as products which are applied to the skin immediately after cleansing, and subsequently determine skin condition at both the beginning and end of the day.

 However, XUYONI's new packaging has recently adopted a triangular design that retains the color and edginess that most resembles the primary colors. What this eye-catching packaging contains is a cosmetic product based on a plant-based ingredient with a history dating back centuries. This attempt, which perfectly complements the newtro trend, helps bring special joy to everyday moments involving skin care.

Here is another example. An application that functions like an analog film camera, Gudak has recently gained popularity around the world just two months after its launch. Gudak features a screen that resembles a small viewfinder on a traditional film camera, and requires users to wait 3 days to view up to 24 photos taken, just as when you previously used a single roll of film. Although state-of-the-art high-performance cameras are used on a daily basis, the imperfection and excitement of the analog world is a factor in the app’s popularity.

After all, the newtro trend closely identifies with the enthusiasm outlined above. There is no hesitation in terms of self-expression via diverse methods that transcend the conventional. Newtro followers ignore stereotypes and enjoy new experiences and concepts.
They are called the millennial generation.

The new vibe, born at the intersection of old legacies and their contemporaries, will continually evolve before us under different labels. What colors and shapes will future trends embody?