One community, hoping for peace

We met.

But I can't hug you.
I can't even hold your hands and keep them warm.
Now, our relationship has changed.
COVID-19... has distanced me from you.

But, you know what...

It’s weird.
Because of this almost unreal reality we share by being afflicted by the same virus, we are coming to realize that the Earth is a single community.
We are very far away, but every day we feel that we are closer than we realize.

The Earth is one large community.
With a lot of conflict and subsequently many unfortunate people within it...
World peace may seem like a distant dream, but it is also our own.
We are connected,
We have the same wish for violence and war to disappear.

September 21 is World Peace Day.
Xuyoni hopes that we will all have only understanding, love, and consideration for each other...

With lots of love,

With blessings,

We thank you.

Yours truly,