Organic skincare cosmetics pursuing integrity

People, plants, animals, even invisible germs. An infinite continuum of life is born and exists on the Earth.

All walks of life form their own ecosystems. The traits of each species have been aggregated within each species for a very long time, and have been evident in countless ways. These different worlds, both in color and form, overlap and brush up against each other and influence each other. This interaction may be said to be the source of the life force for all organic life on the planet

Human skin is also included in this world. Some ingredients present in a similar environment may moisturize the skin, while others may make the skin tingle and reddish. Moreover, when it comes to modern skin, suffering under external stimuli for various reasons, there is a need to worry about reducing irritation.

Leading brands react promptly to this. In the case of XUYONI, almost all products were judged to be non-irritating in an evaluation reflecting the International Contact Dermatitis Research Group (ICDRG) and Personal Care Products Council (PCPC) standards conducted by the Korea Dermatology Research Institute (KDRI). The criteria for evaluating how irritating a product is to the skin is divided into 5 grades.

 An evaluation of “no irritancy” is made only for ingredients with very small values ​​of 0 to 0.02.

Royal Rice Bran Effect++, Natural Moisture ++, Immediate Moisture Power++, 0_Gravity++, Products such as Brightening and Pure Intensive Care Base++ scored 0, while Synergy Booster++, Pure Intensive Care Cream ++, Royal Rose Energy, Natural collagen ++ all scored lower than 0.017.

This may be deemed a so-called 'integrity' story. Why? Primarily because this attitude respects the energy of the plants that spread life and change the world, and is the origin of efforts to deliver such effects without issue. The world is open only to those who respect one another. Discover unique sources of energy even in ordinary everyday moments when you use cosmetics.