Thank you for caring

Thanksgiving celebrates a bountiful harvest.

Thanksgiving is a day to be grateful for the fruits of endless efforts amidst hardships in a barren adopted home.

We say “thank you” as a matter of course.

How often do you express your appreciation?

You are a person who is touched by small things.

Or do you often hear other people expressing their gratitude to you?

You may be a caring person.

When I was young, when I received a gift or received a compliment, I said thank you to express my joy...

As I matured, the scope of my appreciation expanded in tandem with the person's consideration for me and my appreciation for their concern.

What could be greater than the most noble gratitude given in moments when you cannot be grateful?

What kind of appreciation are you expressing...?

A moment of warm gratitude,

A response that showed I fully realized and was impressed by your consideration.

Gratitude is a feeling that cannot be overstated.

A world where we live with overflowing gratitude.

This is the world that xuyoni hopes to bring about.

Thank you for choosing xuyoni.