The Reason Behind the Pursuit of Sustainable Beauty : The Harm Caused by the Body Burden

Some things in the world don't disappear easily. These build up quickly, and it is difficult to get rid of them. What are we referring to here? The waste we use and throw away and the harmful substances in our bodies.

One example is the daily usage of masks due to COVID-19. According to a study published in June by an international joint research team including the University of Aveiro in Portugal, the number of masks the world's population uses in a single month totals 129 billion. This same quantity of masks is used on a continual basis and then discarded. The Earth is struggling today to deal with an unprecedented volume of waste output.

Sometimes, invisible things can also accumulate. Chemicals that have permeated the soil for long periods of time can impair the original cleansing function of the soil and can even penetrate the plants growing beneath the land. Likewise, environmental hormones contained in chemically-made household goods and cosmetics can penetrate into the body through the skin. Hazardous substances that enter the body spread through the fat layer and the bloodstream, are not properly discharged, remain in the body, and adversely affect the skin both inside and outside. This is the aggregate volume of harmful substances accumulated in the body for a certain period of time, referred to as the harmfulness of the ‘body burden’.

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In this way, it is becoming more and more important to opt for products that are as natural as possible, even if they are more difficult to grow and more difficult to make. Products made mainly of organic ingredients will minimize the risk of problems on the both the outside and deep inside the skin. Sustainable beauty is the precondition of the future. XUYONI knows this well. As such, we hope to deliver to more and more consumers the organic moisturizing ingredients that aid the skin's natural function. Just as memories of deep love sustain life, organic ingredients originating in nature will give you long-lasting, healthy and durable skin.