A set of Xuyoni Zero Gravity and Natural Collagen arranged on top of a soft white granite
A set of Xuyoni Zero Gravity and Natural Collagen arranged on top of a soft white granite. The top of Natural Collagen is off, showing the contents of sheet masks inside.
Xuyoni's Zero Gravity product is dispensed, revealing the creamy white texture and color.
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Firming and Brightening Duo

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Ideal for Firming / Boosting Radiance / Brightening
Skin type Unisex | All Skin Types

An at-home special care duo for intensive anti-aging treatments.


  • 0 Gravity
  • Natural Collagen
  • What it does

    Comprised of two highly effective and luxurious skincare products, this duo set works synergistically to target signs of aging. 

    0 Gravity is an anti-aging moisturizer featuring an innovative oil-in-cream texture. Formulated with rich and nourishing organic oils, this moisturizer plumps and firms skin, leaving skin smooth and tight. 

    Natural Collagen is a set of 30 organic cotton sheet masks coated in rich and creamy vegan collagen essence. It helps accelerate the skin's production of collagen, resulting in supple, bright and resilient skin.

  • How to use

    1. After cleansing, on a clean and dry face, wrap your face with Natural Collagen. 
    2. Pat the remaining essence until fully absorbed, then layer 0 Gravity to seal all active ingredients and lock in moisture.
  • Clinical test

    Natural Collagen

    A clinical study was completed to study the product’s effects on skin’s brightness.

    In an independent clinical study on 20 women ages 36-58 over 28 days:

    • On average, a subject’s skin brightened by 3%.

    According to a consumer perception study of the same sample group:

    • 85% reported that their skin appeared brighter after using the product. 
    • 90% reported that the radiance of their skin improved after using the product.


    Patch Test:

    After applying a patch of the product on a group of 33 male and female subjects for 24 hours, it was shown to have no irritancy on human skin. 


Natural Collagen

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