Xuyoni three sheet mask samples products arranged from left to right (green, gray, red packages).
Caucasian and African American women trying out Xuyoni 100 percent organic cotton sheet masks.
Xuyoni 100 percent organic cotton sheet mask.
Xuyoni sheet mask sampler arranged from left to right.
100% Organic Sheet Mask Set

Sheet Mask Sampler

3 sheets (20ml / 0.68 fl.oz each)
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Organic ✧ Natural ✧ Vegan ✧ Cruelty Free

Ideal for Brightening / Dark Spot / Anti-Wrinkle
Skin type Unisex | All Skin Types

Xuyoni 100% Organic Cotton Sheet Mask Sampler

Luxurious, premium sheet masks that feature nourishment of toner, lotion, essence, eye cream, and night cream. All-in-one care for any skin type.

-Royal Rose Energy 1 sheet
-Royal Rice Bran Effect 1 sheet
-Natural Collagen 1 sheet

  • What it does

    A sampler to let you experience Xuyoni's 3 type of organic cotton sheet masks.

  • How to use

    1. After cleansing and before sleeping, wrap your face thoroughly for 10 to 20 minutes so that your skin can absorb all of the nourishing ingredients.  
    2. You can apply the remaining essence to your hands, neck, or any area of your choice. After 10 to 20 minutes, peel the mask off and gently tap in any remaining serum onto your face.

      Made with 100% organic cotton, this mask is safe for sensitive skin. 
  • Clinical test

    Refer to each product page 

    Royal Rose Energy 
    -Royal Rice Bran Effect 
    -Natural Collage

Royal Rose Energy

Royal Rice Bran Effect

Natural Collagen

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
It’s a must

It’s a lovely combo , its so good you feel you skin so soft after I used it for couple times , definitely I would get it again

3 AMAZING sheet masks

I was sent these 3 masks in exchange for my honest opinion! I loved how they were packaged/presented, theycame with a little piece of wood and it made me automatically think of being at one with nature or at peace with nature. all 3 masks left my skin feeling so refreshed and balanced. my face also was left with an instant radiance! I am honestly so pleased! I would prefer these masks over other sheet masks hands down.

Ann Jarrett

Some of the best masks I’ve tried yet! This sampler is a great way to try different products and honestly, each have been equally wonderful! Most face masks leave your skin feeling good for a few hours to maybe a day and 3 days later my face was baby soft. Absolutely worth every penny and I love there was a generous amount of extra product in th envelope to run on neck and chest area.

Cori C
Nice sheet mask set

This is a great sampler set to test out before committing to buying one of the 30 sheet mask sets. I loved all three of these masks. Each one is unique by targeting different concerns, but they all leave your face feeling so soft and hydrated. I apply each one on my face for 20 minutes as instructed and use the remaining essence on other areas like my hands and neck so nothing goes to waste.

Really Nice Cream Masks

I received these cream face masks via a giveaway. This was the first time I used a cream mask and first though is where have they been all my life. These cream masks are better than the average face masks because it adds a lot more moisture for my face. Since I have dry skin, I loved it! My personal favorite of the 3 was the rose. With that one, I could see the effects it had on my skin the next day. All of the scents are very light and smells good.