Our Philosophy

We provide mindful solutions for your skin.


Our brand name Xuyoni (Pronounced “sú-yo-ni”) originated from the union of “Xu” a name of stars in Eastern astronomy, and the Sanskrit word “Yoni.”

“Xu” refers to the emptiness and vastness of the universe. It is also one of the first groups of stars created in the ancient astronomical map — to which, our founder’s zodiac sign, Aquarius, belongs. In Sanskrit, “Yoni,” refers to the divine process of creation and regeneration. Together, these words signify a genesis of life — a precious reminder that it can emerge from the unlikeliest corners of our vast universe.

Xuyoni’s logo(+/-) symbolizes the Earth and the balance of yin and yang — the two essential forces inherent in nature. Our signature triangular packaging also follows this principle of harmony.

At Xuyoni, we aspire to a world where humans, animals, and the environment peacefully coexist together.

Our founder, Juyeon Pae, established Xuyoni to merge her philosophies of wellness and skincare. We sincerely wish that Xuyoni can help create for you a meaningful and reflective self-care experience. Through this experience — we hope to revitalize your skin and energy — and help you discover inner peace and beauty.


When it comes to a skincare routine, more isn’t always better.

Xuyoni’s unique hybrid formulations make skincare easy, flexible, and sustainable. Your skin is smart. Rather than interfere with your skin’s natural intuitions, we simply aid this process along by helping fill in the gaps and deficiencies that come with aging skin.


Skin is skin. Regardless of gender, skin type, or skin concern, everyone deserves to indulge in skincare that feels like it’s tailored just for them. With this in mind, Xuyoni designed its versatile formulations to create easy, minimal formulas that everyone can benefit from.

Xuyoni does not separate by gender and supports equality.


Xuyoni uses organic and 100% naturally derived ingredients that are safe and gentle for all skin types.

Our organic oils and extracts are sourced from plants that grow in soil untreated by fertilizers. Packaged in unique triangular vacuum containers, our all-natural formulas deliver skincare that can stay fresh and effective until the last drop.

Juyeon Bae / Doctor of Music Art

Our Founder

Meet our founder Juyeon Pae. Wanting to merge her love and appreciation of nature and mindfulness with her interest in skincare, Juyeon launched Xuyoni in 2020. 

With Xuyoni, Juyeon has designed mindful skincare formulas that emphasize the importance of harmony between skin and wellness. Developed in Seoul, South Korea, the global leader in the beauty industry, Xuyoni’s products stand at the frontier of skincare innovation and technology.

Asides from skincare, Juyeon is also a music connoisseur. Growing up in a family with a strong musical background, Juyeon started playing the violin at five years old. Our founder went on to excel in music and attended prestigious music schools, often graduating at the top of her classes. 

After years of experimenting and tinkering in the lab, Juyeon is excited to share with the world her unique skincare vision. More importantly, she hopes that her mindful skincare designs allow people to connect both with themselves and the universe at large.

Xuyoni uses high-quality raw materials certified by USDA, Soil Association, COSMOS, ECO-CERT, MAFRA, ICEA, etc. We have completed the clinical test of all products, and we do not conduct animal testing and take the lead in protecting animals.

Our Commitment

In gratitude for the bounty that nature kindly gifts us, Xuyoni has pledged to donate one percent of its proceeds to the environmental organization 1% For The Planet. Xuyoni will also donate a percentage of its proceeds to the Beagle Rescue Network.

1% For The Planet

Xuyoni is proud to join 1% for the Planet’s efforts to create a more sustainable world. As part of our membership, we have pledged to donate 1% of our annual sales to Project AWARE, a global environmental network that partners with nonprofits, policymakers, and businesses to create a more clean and habitable ocean.

Project AWARE works on both the local and global scale to clean up the ocean’s debris and to advance long-term waste-management policy solutions. The nonprofit also collaborates with local and international policymakers to protect endangered marine life, specifically sharks and manta rays whose populations have declined due to overfishing problems worldwide.

Beagle Rescue Network

One of the well-known tragedies of the global cosmetics industry is that countless animal lives are sacrificed in the name of advancing the beauty industry. In skincare laboratories, product testers often put animal subjects under cruel conditions to measure the toxicology levels of their products. These practices entail applying chemicals on animals’ shaved skin and into their eyes to measure the products’ corrosivity and irritability. These harmful practices not only endanger the health of animals but also result in too many senseless deaths.

We owe a great deal of gratitude to animals for the advances we’ve made in both the skincare and medical field. While nothing can be done to change this tragic past, industry leaders can take important steps forward to create a more humane and kind enterprise.

One animal group that has become prey to these inhuman industry practices is beagles. Known for their docility and compliance, beagles have become routine subjects of cruel lab experiments.

As part of its animal welfare efforts, Xuyoni has committed to donating a part of its annual proceeds to Beagle Rescue Network, a non-profit organization based in South Korea that rescues laboratory beagles and finds them loving homes.

Recycle & Refill

To reduce single-use plastic and our company’s carbon footprint, Xuyoni is offering its loyal customers the option of purchasing refill cartridges for the products they love and can’t get enough of. Instead of buying products in their usual triangle containers, you can simply purchase the product refill cartridges for 22~25% off the original price.

These refill cartridges are housed in glue-free packaging made from 100% recycled paper to reduce, reuse, and recycle our waste.


Xuyoni also plans to expand glue-free packaging to all its products, thus reducing the use of harmful chemicals that contaminate soil and groundwater and consequently the plants and animals they come in contact with.

This won’t be the last of Xuyoni’s sustainability efforts. Our team is continually strategizing and finding new ways to reduce our carbon footprint- developments that we are excited to announce in the near future.

How to Refill the Vaccum Cartridge