Harmonized with XUYONI

The universe is filled with beautiful music. Open your mind and imagine the sound the stars make.

Like Pythagoras, Johannes Kepler, and Robert Fludd, who believed the music of the stars would lead to God’s will of seeking harmony. 



"Harmonized with XUYONI" was made to express respect to you, another little universe. Hot and cold things intersect, and life on earth is a full circle of eating, wearing and applying what is made from the Earth until we go back to the Earth. Your skin is also crafted by taking in these factors.

In the same way dissonance is created when you pluck the wrong strings, your skin may also lose its balance.

XUYONI will tune your skin beautifully so that you can maintain your skin’s harmony, grace, and charm, with simple steps you can take in your busy life. They all provide moisture and nutrition to the skin, helping anti-aging.