Skincare Planets

All XUYONI products contain the beauty of each planet of our solar system. Tune into the characteristics of each planet to find the solution you want and tune your skin beautifully!


Moon - Luminous skin 

Like Moon that brightens the night, it lightens your skin.

          Venus - Anti-aging & lifting

          Like Venus with perfect skin, it makes your skin smooth and full of energy.

          Mercury - Moisturizing & Soothing 

          Like Mercury, the fastest planet in the solar system, it quickly hydrates and soothes skin.

          Sun - Smooth feeling & Vitality

          Like the Sun, the endless source of life, it replenishes energy and slows aging of dry skin.

          Mars - Skin Barrier Protection

          Like Mars, the God of War, it builds up a strong skin barrier against external irritants and protects skin. 

          Jupiter - Rejuvenate

          Like Jupiter, the planet of big opportunities for welcome rain, it regenerates troubled skin to become healthy and hydrated.

          Saturn - Balancing & Polish  

          Like Saturn that made beautiful rings with remarkable balance, it polishes your skin and recovers your skin balance.

          Uranus - Purification

          Like Uranus, the blue ice giant, it purifies your skin.

          Earth - Radiance

          Like Earth, the jewel of the solar system full of life and energy, it makes your skin healthy.