Dear My oldest lover


Hello, it’s XUYONI.

I am a being that receives beauty from harmony among living things from Mother Earth, including humans, animals, plants, and our universe.

A long time ago, I existed beyond (YON) the galaxy (XU). I have loved the Earth since my existence beyond the galaxy from the remote past. I(I) was conceived here, in the planet Earth to meet you(NI), the master of the universe (XUYON), so my name is XUYONI.I believe the harmony between the lives on the Earth and the universe is the origin of beauty, and the reason for its existence.

So XUYONI is one.

The Earth is a marvelous star that you cannot find anywhere else in the universe. Endless time has passed since I arrived on Earth and people have come and gone, but life has perpetuated on it, still captivating me.
Sea, sky, air, water, and lives have been nurtured by our merciful earth..

And humans have been reborn again and again in the form of multiple dimensions…

The Earth is a wonderful place where all of these lives are closely related and coexist. The energy made in this relationship is surprisingly powerful. I want to share this power that I have enjoyed staying on this earth, with you.  

So that you will not lose the light of youth while you breathe..


Sincerely XUYONI±