Triangle Vacuum Pump, Design for only XUYONI

Our signature belief

We believe in inspiring you and your inner beauty with plants that have pure natural energy. XUYONI’s strong belief was born after extensive research and countless trial and error.


XUYONI Triangle Vacuum pump


We need to minimize cosmetics’ exposure to air or hands in order to preserve organic ingredients, including natural extracts and essential oils, to fully deliver their efficacy to skin.

That’s why we made the XUYONI Triangle Vacuum Pump to preserve our products and maintain their maximum efficacy without having to worry about oxidation.

With the XUYONI Triangle Vacuum Pump, you don’t have to worry about oxidation that may occur when you open the lid of products, as it pumps contents in a vacuum with pressure. It’s also economical, as it pumps only necessary volume.


<Patent All Rights Reserved by XUYONI>

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Triangle Design for only XUYONI

A forward-thinking triangle design that contains XUYONI's Minimal / Genderless / Natural inspirations...

It transcends time and connects the future and past, awakening the senses in us.


<Design Patent All Rights Reserved by XUYONI>

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