Xuyoni three sheet mask samples products arranged from left to right (green, gray, red packages).
Caucasian and African American women trying out Xuyoni 100 percent organic cotton sheet masks.
Xuyoni 100 percent organic cotton sheet mask.
Xuyoni sheet mask sampler arranged from left to right.
100% Organic Sheet Mask Set

Sheet Mask Sampler

3 sheets (20ml / 0.68 fl.oz each)
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Organic ✧ Natural ✧ Vegan ✧ Cruelty Free

Ideal for Brightening / Dark Spot / Anti-Wrinkle
Skin type Unisex | All Skin Types

Xuyoni 100% Organic Cotton Sheet Mask Sampler

Luxurious, premium sheet masks that feature nourishment of toner, lotion, essence, eye cream, and night cream. All-in-one care for any skin type.

-Royal Rose Energy 1 sheet
-Royal Rice Bran Effect 1 sheet
-Natural Collagen 1 sheet

  • What it does

    A sampler to let you experience Xuyoni's 3 type of organic cotton sheet masks.

  • How to use

    1. After cleansing and before sleeping, wrap your face thoroughly for 10 to 20 minutes so that your skin can absorb all of the nourishing ingredients.  
    2. You can apply the remaining essence to your hands, neck, or any area of your choice. After 10 to 20 minutes, peel the mask off and gently tap in any remaining serum onto your face.

      Made with 100% organic cotton, this mask is safe for sensitive skin. 
  • Clinical test

    Refer to each product page 

    Royal Rose Energy 
    -Royal Rice Bran Effect 
    -Natural Collage

Royal Rose Energy

Royal Rice Bran Effect

Natural Collagen