Brand story (I+YOU=OURS)
Xuyoni, the Ancient Origin of Life

Our brand name Xuyoni (Pronounced “sú-yo-ni”) is a combination of Xu (虛), one of the 28 constellations of Eastern astronomy, and the Sanskrit word Yoni (योनि).


Xu (虛) in Chinese refers to the “very first constellations” in the East and the Sadalsud of Aquarius, “lucky stars,” in the West. Yoni (योनि) in Sanskrit means the “source of all life” or “genesis of the universe.” With these two words combined, Xuyoni stands for the universe's most ancient source of life, the beginning of vitality.


Xuyoni's logo is inspired by the "earthy soil(흙 토)" and the "harmony of yin(-) and yang(+),” two essential forces inherent in nature.


In hopes of sharing this philosophy of balance with you, we have developed our signature triangular packaging, designed to contain a variety of Xuyoni products based on carefully selected organic ingredients.


At Xuyoni, we aspire to a world where all living creatures and the environment peacefully coexist together as we consider this planet Earth a community we share and must take care of. We hope our story and product experience will lead to coming to solidarity with heaven, earth, and humans.


In this hectic modern everyday life, we want to make it easier for you to find time and space to rediscover your forgotten true self. We sincerely hope Xuyoni will provide you with a wonderful small universe that goes well beyond skincare and guide you through your enlightening journey to awaken the soul to the purest and fullest.

Natural Organic Skincare

Minimal. Genderless. Natural.


Xuyoni believes that our state of mind is reflected in our skin, and we believe that our skin can be transformed by practicing mindfulness.


Minimal in steps but complex in formulas with carefully selected ingredients, Xuyoni's natural organic skincare products are suitable for both men and women. With Xuyoni’s simple routine, you can reclaim your skin's natural strength and energy and discover inner peace and beauty.


From ingredients to packaging, Xuyoni only uses organic and 100% natural ingredients. All products are designed to be refillable, reusable, and recyclable to make life simpler and more sustainable.

Incense, Tea, and Brass Cases

“Frugal, but not shabby; splendid, but not flashy”
-on aesthetics of Baekje and Joseon in “The History of Three Kingdoms”


Xuyoni, through modern interpretation of our ancestors' dignified and refined standards of beauty, has harmoniously blended authenticity and contemporary sensibilities. Experience the old wisdom of burning incense and drinking tea to ease the bustling mind and regain a sense of calm.


Xuyoni wishes you a calm state of mind and body.
Viśhva (Sanskrit: विश्व), means the world, the universe. In literature, this word refers to the entire enchanted universe.

Ceramic Ware

Vishva, Reconnect with the Small Universe in the Palm of Your Hand.


The countless dots in handmade ceramics symbolize the brilliance of the stars and our connection to the universe.


We are one with nature, as all life on Earth
We are one with nature, made from stardust.


Vishva beautifully expresses this connection and reminds us to be in harmony with the environment that surrounds us.


*The Sanskrit word "Vishva" means "whole, universe, or the world.”

Meditation Attire/Apparel

We are one.


Minimalist, genderless, and natural-oriented Xuyoni provides comfort and contemporary design to suit the diverse lives of people today.


Xuyoni's apparels are designed to give you leeway to be able enjoy small precious moments in the midst of a hectic life. The sophisticated and neutral design suits both genders for various occasions whilst letting the wearer’s personality shine through.