Message from founder

All life on Earth is intimately interconnected and symbiotic, and the energy created by these relationships is incredibly powerful.


We all have a dazzling light and infinite possibilities within us, but from the moment we're born we tend to limit ourselves with stereotypes shaped by external factors.


Wise visionaries like the Dalai Lama and Eckhart Tolle have said that “I am the the universe, and the universe is me." Modern physics has scientifically proven this to be true as well.


We are pioneers and explorers of our own universe, great just in our very existence.


Xuyoni is a brand for people who share this philosophy and love the universe and nature. Mindful beings appreciate the blessings of nature and a sense of belonging as a part of the universe.


Through collaborations with like-minded experts in their respective fields, we spent years developing Xuyoni’s collaborative collections. We are grateful to be able to introduce the works that have been created with ample affection and sweat. We hope that Xuyoni’s messages of mindfulness will reach many and inspire them to find beauty in every moment of their lives and connect with their inner selves and the universe.


We love you. Blessings. Thank you.