• Dani Tea 30g
  • Dani Tea 30g
Fermented Jackseol Tea

Dani Tea 30g

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A delightful tea that has served as both a medicine and a refresher for Hadong tea farmers who were serious about their tea.


Hadong Jiri Mountain Traditional Fermented Jackseol Tea


In order to recreate Hadong Jackseol, a traditional Korean fermented tea, Xuyoni's tea master Soam has recollected memories and records, documented thoroughly, and successfully brought back into our daily lives a unique Korean tea culture that has been almost forgotten. Hadong Jackseol Tea tells not a story of the high class, who simply enjoyed served tea as a luxury, but a vivid story of local tea farmers deep in Jiri Mountain, who planted tea on their hillside and practiced their morning prayers each time before picking the youngest leaves, then diligently withering, rubbing, and loosening them.


Xuyoni introduces you to Dani Tea, a delightful tea that has served as both a medicine and a refresher for Hadong tea farmers who were serious about their tea.

Tasting Note

Sweet, savory, and tangy 

The better the tea, the more important the steeping time.

Tea steeped for too short a time can be too weak in flavor, whereas the bitter or astringent taste may interfere with the full flavor and aroma from coming out if steeped too long.


*It's best to steep the tea clear first and then darken it later; if you steep it dark first and then lighten it, you'll quickly lose the flavor.

How to Drink


  1. Pour in hot water, steep briefly, and drink for a rich flavor experience.
  2. Add Jackseol tea to your coffee maker and steep.


Cold: Brew like barley tea (3-5 minutes after the water starts to boil), then chill and enjoy.


Combine Jackseol with 1-2 of the following fruits: a pear, quince, or yuzu, bring to a boil, add sugar or honey, and drink warm for an invigorating pick-me-up.

Mindful Point

Dani Tea is a fermented Jackseol tea with the mysterious and beautiful spirit of Mokap Village in Jini Mountain, Hadong. Relax your body and mind with Dani tea, which was once used by the tea farmers of Jiri Mountain to relieve fatigue and feel uplifted.


*Dani has been named after Dancheonjae Project of Mokap Village in Jiri Mountain, Hadong, which successfully created a reproduction of the traditional raw fermented Jackseol that is disappearing from the tea world. It also refers to the soft reddish color(Dan in old Korean word) of Jackseol tea.

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