Xuyoni Synergy Booster Serum product front view.
Caucasian model with red hair trying out Xuyoni Synergy Booster Serum and smiling.
Xuyoni Synergy Booster Serum product in front of a pinkish red background placed next to a large rock of himalayan salt.
Xuyoni Synergy Booster Refill product.
Xuyoni Synergy Booster Serum dispensed showing clear, transparent serum.
Xuyoni Synergy Booster Serum Refill and its recyclable packaging.
Xuyoni's recyclable packaging for refill products.
Toner + Serum

Synergy Booster

50ml / 1.69 fl.oz
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Organic ✧ Natural ✧ Vegan ✧ Cruelty Free

Ideal for pH Balancing / Strengthening Skin Barrier / Soothing
Skin type Unisex | All Skin Types

A pH-balancing and moisturizing toner+serum hybrid to immediately hydrate skin after cleansing.

To reduce single-use plastic, Xuyoni offers the option to purchase_refill_cartridges at 20%+ off the original price, eliminating the usual triangle containers for repeat buyers. The refill cartridges are enclosed in glue-free packaging made from 100% recycled paper.

When finished using a full-sized product, simply switch the inner cartridge to continue using your favorite product.


  • What it does

    Synergy Booster ++ is a toner + serum hyrid that maximizes the effect of the next step in your skincare routine by preparing the skin with the optimal pH and hydration level. 

    Organic moringa leaves, rich in sulfur, iodine, and amino acid help firm and repair skin while antioxidants from vitamins and polyphenols deliver a youthful glow. 

    Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and damaged skin, this one product provides your skin with immediate moisture and full hydration, making it a perfect product for an easy daily routine.

  • How to use

    1. Gather your hands and take a deep breath of the natural organic aroma and take in the moringa's natural energy.
    2. Apply an appropriate amount to skin and pat lightly to allow your skin to absorb the full benefits of Synergy Booster ++.

      Pair up and follow with Natural Moisture++ for best results.
  • Clinical test

    Patch Test:

    After applying a patch of the product on a group of 30 male and female subjects for 24 hours, it was shown to have no irritancy on human skin.